Different companies view Technology Support in a variety of ways. Sometimes due to the relentless nature and ever-changing requirements of the financial sector, development teams find themselves overwhelmed and under-resourced. Project deadlines are always just over the horizon and there is often very little time to focus on what happens after the software is released.

Our consultants are all experienced technology professionals, and can add value in a number of different ways.

  • We can be engaged early in the development process and provide input into how an application should be supported, as well as highlighting any gaps in the support environment (tools, monitoring). If necessary we can assist in the development and implementation of these requirements.

  • We can provide a complete application support solution; one or more consultants to take on an applications entire support needs. This allows developers to focus on what they are good at, rather than having to create support rotas or work unsociable shift hours.

  • We can provide experienced resources to existing support teams, filling any skill gaps or allowing the team to ramp up to required levels in cases of increased demand.

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